"Building a promotional video series for Kier Construction."

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the time, quality and effort put into our project by Visual Echo. We set them a very tight deadline, to which they showed the utmost dedication and commitment in achieving the very best quality. The final films were superb and all who’ve viewed them have given high praise. I look forward to working with them on future projects.
— Wendy Stephens (Bid Coordinator Kier Construction)

We were approached by Kier Construction to produce a series of short films encompassing their approach to cultivating and motivating strong individuals and a collaborative team on some of their most impressive sites across South Wales. 

These films were going to be primarily used to enter the "People Development" category at the Constructing Excellence in Wales Awards 2017 (CEW), based on this category entry we decided to call the series "People and Development" for their wider online release. Because of the fast approaching deadline that Kier had to adhere to, we were able to generate ideas based around the simple and effective agenda they had for the videos, as well as planning, visiting the sites, filming at the sites and putting all of the films together for final delivery over a small stretch of ten working days. 

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"We pushed ourselves to deliver the high quality films in one of the shortest deadlines that we've ever been given as a company. Ourselves and Kier were immensely proud of the final products."


As we do with all of our clients we apply a strict and professional commitment to the generation of visual ideas based around the agenda of the client, which can range from focusing on the team behind the brand, notable individuals within the company or the core message of the company and what they provide in terms of product or service.

"We are keenly aware of the emotional power of visual composition, audio content and music."

Throughout the entire creative process we are always looking for the most emotional visual and informative content, whether that be through interviews or text. In this case we were focused on gaining the most powerful interview clips in terms of how each person felt about working for Kier and the experience that they have had working for them.


Sometimes when it comes to producing a promotional film for a client it can be understandably difficult to organise a visit to a busy working site before hand, especially when strict health and safety is involved. When it came to Kier we thought it was paramount that we visit the sites so that we can build an understanding of the range of imagery that we could capture when we finally come to film. It also provided us with an opportunity to meet the notable individuals that were going to be the focus of the films.

We were able to build relationships with them prior to filming, making them far more comfortable when we put cameras in front of them. The most essential aspect of filming individuals and capturing their personalities in their working or personal environments is to make them comfortable with the crew and the camera so that when it comes to shooting the most important footage, which you intend to use in the final edit, it is completely natural.

Kier Construction / Visual Echo Video


"We knew exactly what we needed to get and how to get it."

Because of the knowledge we possessed pertaining to the project and Kier as a company, we were able to execute time efficient shoots at four large sites across two full days of shooting. This wouldn't have been achieved if it not for our close collaboration with the client from day one through to the end of production. Making sure that there is clear communication and that the clients voice is heard is very important to us when delivering a film and we keep their message in mind when capturing the final footage.


Our aim at Visual Echo is take our viewers on a visually compelling and emotional journey inside the core message of the clients we produce video work for. This is applied to our execution from start to finish when working on a project, but it all comes to fruition most when we finally put the footage together into a final video.

When we first sit down to begin editing the footage together we are mindful of the best, most appropriate footage and sound clips from interviews etc. Footage and corresponding files are reviewed in detail and organised into folders to make referencing anything later on quick and easy. We then begin piecing together the most powerful story we can tell with what we have, producing a number of drafts with feedback and finally approval from the client.

Aware of the tight deadline of the videos, we were able to put together a final draft of all four videos with the approval from Kier in a total of five extended working days. Which was quite a milestone for us as a company and obviously delighted Kier Construction as they were able to give their presentation and distribute the videos online to their audience sooner rather than later.

"We look forward to working with Kier Construction in the future!"