"Video content outside of the box."

Here at Visual Echo we are passionate about the visual and we want that to echo in our work. It’s all in the name and that core principle drives us to connect with new opportunities and clients with a drive that only grows with our development as a company. What we offer is intimately intertwined with beautiful imagery and colour. We manipulate the real through technology to encapsulate a visual message that leaves a lasting impression.

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A video that we create starts in our minds (Specifically in the Occipital Lobe of the Cerebral Cortex) where we visualise the look and feel of the imagery. This starts at the first sign of a new project and the process evolves with the ideas that develop with it. As our understanding of the core of the video becomes more precise and we have a clearer understanding of what needs to be filmed to visualise that core in the most effective, powerful and beautiful way possible; we begin the process of creating a video.

Since our company is run by filmmakers and documentarians, there is a breath of empathy and insatiable curiosity in our work. From the inception of any project, right through to its production, we dive into the subject matter and the people involved. What is most important to us and many of our clients is that we feel and understand the passion behind the company and the people who feature in the video primarily. Why do they do what they do? Focusing on this passion drives the content we make forward and gives our work a ‘heart’ and ‘depth’ that we are becoming renowned for.

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We also care about the details and that can clearly be seen in our work. Every image, including its depth, composition and the specific action within the image are carefully selected and we make sure that we can ‘feel’ what we need to from the shot, because if we can feel it - so can the audience. The sounds, music and spoken words that are added into the package of the video all follow the same pattern, culminating into a video that not only meets the requirements of our clients, but goes beyond them.

“That’s why Visual Echo creates video content outside of the box.”

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